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Mark B Consumer Links, Manchester UK
Our attention has been focused on the UK Market for the past six months and the unique service offered by Linker Monster has now become our strongest acquisition channel and I would say that we received between three and five strong leads per week when you cut out all the middle men and time wasters. 
The best automated, hands off way to manage your prospecting power on LinkedIn.
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The greater success you experience through LinkedIn, the more you'll love what Linker Monster can do!
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What Do I Do Next?!
Follow these 4 simple steps to fire up your Linkedin Marketing 
1/ Give us your exact search target market .
Fill out your Linker monster submission form. Follow the steps to submit your online lead prospecting form. Please remember to fill out the Message. This is the message that each and every one of your new connections will get.  

2/ Read our FAQs .
Please have a look through our FAQs.. These FAQs cover the majority of questions you may have. And anything else you need, our support team are waiting to help. 

3/ Activation Call
Look out for an email from our Account Manager - support@linkermonster.com. They will either book a call with your or talk you through activating your account. This is an easy 5 minute process.

4/ Activate your account .
Once you have activated your account you can sit back and watch your account work on overdrive. All you have to do is manage your prospects/leads and do what you do best.
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